Tips For Managing

It pays to some do initial groundwork before diving into an investment – and property is no different.

By choosing the right one, keeping an eye on the market and an even closer one on your investment, you can reap some serious rewards investing in property.

Our Basic Tips

Take a long-term view.

Investing in property is a long-term strategy, so keep in mind that there will be highs, lows and steady patches over time. Be clear about how much you’re borrowing and that you will have sufficient cash flow to fall back on, should your property experience a vacancy.

Be proactive.

Take control of your investment by keeping up-to-date with property values and market trends – a good agent will be able to assist you here with the right advice.

Consider using equity from other properties.

Tapping into your home equity, or equity from another property investment, is a great launching platform for buying an investment property, as long as you can comfortably afford your repayments!

At Prudential Real Estate, we successfully manage one of the single largest rental property portfolios in Sydney.

Our award-winning property management team will be happy to assist you with enquiries. Click here to find out why you should choose Prudential Real Estate to manage your investment property.